1. General information

The current General Sales Conditions (following GSC) have as object the discipline that rules the purchasing of clothes (following the Products) effected remotely, by the internet, on the website (following the Website). Title holder of the Website is Hammer Ultimate S.N.C. (following HAMMER ULTIMATE), legal address Via G. Falcone 1, 31038 Castagnole di Pase (TV) registered in Treviso’s companies list, REA number, VAT number IT04829270265.


  1. General sales conditions acknowledgement.


  • The offer and the sale on the Website of Products constitute a remote contract ruled by the Italian law, in particular by the Law Decree 9th April 2003, n° 70 on the electronical commerce discipline (e-commerce) and by Article 45 and the followings of Law Decree 6th September 2005, and n ° 206 and following amendment.


  • With the conclusion of the purchasing contract, according the procedure, the Customer accepts and undertakes to observe the current GSC. The customer is therefore required to carefully read the following GSC, of which is allowed the memorisation and the duplication, as well as all other information that HAMMER ULTIMATE gives on the Website, before and during the purchasing procedure.

The GSC applicable are those in force at the date of transmission of the purchase order. They could be modified in every moment.  All possible changes and/or new condition will be in force from the date of the publication on our Website. Customer are therefore invited to regularly visit the

Website to verify the presence of possible changes or updates

of GSC.

  • The current GSC do not rule the selling of products and/or the provision of services by subjects different from HAMMER ULTIMATE that could be introduced on our Website through links, banners or other hyperlinks. Before effectuate a commercial transaction with one of those subjects we kindly suggest to carefully read and verify their selling conditions. HAMMER ULTIMATE is not responsible for the provision of services and/or for the selling of product by those subjects. On these websites retrievable by hyperlinks, HAMMER ULTIMATE does no monitoring or control. Hence HAMMER ULTIMATE is not responsible for the contents of those websites or for eventual error and/or omission and/or violation of the law made by those subjects.


      3. Products.

  • All Products offered on our internet website http// are provided with a Technical Data Sheet with the main characteristics, available also on the Website Homepage, in the respective session.
  • The visual representation of Products on the website, when available, normally corresponds to the photographic image of Products themselves and has the only aim to represent them for the sale. However, the Products’ colours could be quite different from the real ones due to the setting of IT systems or PC used by the users themselves. The images of the Products in the Technical Data Sheet may be different for dimensions or respect eventual additional Products.
  • For the purchasing contract, shall prevail the description of the Product contained in the order form submitted by the Customer.
  1. Purchasing procedure
  • The purchase of the products on the website is allowed only to those who are already 18 years old.
  • The customer can purchase the products in the electronical HAMMER ULTIMATE’S catalogue, item by item depicted in the Website’s Homepage, as outlined in the Technical Datasheet here contained, respecting the technical access procedures yonder depicted.
  • The customer guarantee that the personal information given during the purchasing procedure, included the phase of registration to the website, are complete and truthful. Furthermore, the customer is commited to keep HAMMER ULTIMATE unscathed and with a signed waivers from every damage, every liability obligation and/or sanction arising from and/or in every connected to the violation by the customer to the registration rules to the website or to the conservation or registration credentials.
  • The publications of the Products on the Website constitute an invite for the customer to formulate a purchasing contract application.

The order sent by the customer shall constitute a contract application and means the complete knowledge and the whole reception of the current GSC. The successful and proper receipt of the proposal of the Customer is confirmed by HAMMER ULTIMATE through an answer send to the email address communicated and just only confirms the correct receipt of the proposal in the information system. This confirmation message will indicate a “Purchase order number” to be used in every subsequent communication with HAMMER ULTIMATE. The message will report, over the information required by law, every data inserted by the Customer that undertakes to verify the correctness to promptly communicate all eventual amendment.

Eventual compounding of costs determined by mistakes in data that had not been promptly pointed out would be exclusively charged to the Customer.

  • In case of infringement of bans contained in the current article, HAMMER ULTIMATE retains the right to take all the necessary steps to terminate all irregularities, included the suspension of the access to the Website, the delete of the subscription namely the non-acceptation or the delete of orders.
  • The Website is constantly automatically updated to guarantee the highest correspondence between the warehouse stock numbers and those reported on the website. However, it is possible to occur in occasional unavailability of offered Products: in this case, if Products chosen by the Customer are, in whole or in part not available, the order will be shipped with available products after the communication to the Customer of other Products’ unavailability
  1. Conclusion of the contract.
  • Every purchasing contract between HAMMER ULTIMATE and the Customer is to be considered settled with the order acknowledgement by HAMMER ULTIMATE.
  • HAMMER ULTIMATE is entitled to accept or not, at his own discretion, the order sent by the Customer, without he can lay legal claim or rights of any sort, in any capacity, even compensatory, due to the non-acceptance of the order itself.
  • Furthermore, HAMMER ULTIMATE reserves the right to reject order from a Customer having a legal dispute about a previous order.


  1. Products prices.
  • Every Products’ prices are clearly indicated on the Website.
    • HAMMER ULTIMATE reserves the rights to modify the prices of the Products, in every moment and also, eventually, more times during same day, subject that the price charged to the Customer will be the one reported on the Website at the moment of the order, no eventual variations (increase or decrease) following the transmission of the order itself won’t be taken in consideration.We kindly inform the Customers that, due to several factors, such as the trade policy of the title owners of the brands, the price of Products sold on the Website could be different from a Country to another.


  1. Communications and complaints

Every communication or eventual or claim of the Customer to HAMMER ULTIMATE related to the purchasing contracts, must be communicated via the following email: otherwise to the following address:

Hammer Ultimate S.N.C. – Via G. falcone 1 – 31038 Castagnole di Paese (TV) – Italia.


      8. Intellectual property rights – copyright.

  • All brands (registered and not) as every work of intelligence, distinctive signed or title, picture, photography, written text or diagram; or in general every other non- material goods protect by international law or convention in the field of intellectual and industrial property protection, reported on the Website are an exclusive property of HAMMER ULTIMATE and/or of his legal predecessors, without that the access to the Website or the stipulation of any Purchasing Contract derive to the Customer any right on the them.
  • Any utilisation, even only partial, of the same is forbidden without the previous authorisation of HAMMER ULTIMATE a/or of its legal predecessors, for which are reserved, in an exclusively way, all relative rights.
  1. Applicable law.
  • The purchasing contract completed on our Website, of which the current GSC form integral part, is ruled by the Italian law and would be construed on its base, without prejudice to any different imperative norm predominant in the Country of residence of the Customer.
  • As a consequence, the interpretation, the implementation and the resolution of the current GSC are exclusively subject to the Italian law and all eventual relevant and/or subsequent controversial must be solved exclusively by the Italian Court. Especially, whenever the Customer is identified as Consumer, the probable controversial must be solved by the Consumer’s residence Courthouse under the applicable law, otherwise on the Consumer choice whenever the controversial action is undertaken by himself, by Treviso’s Courthouse. Whenever the Customer acts in the exercise of its own business, commercial, artisan or professional activity, the Parts establish, by mutual consent the exclusively jurisdiction of Treviso Court.




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