Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Welcome on our website (following the Website).We kindly ask you to carefully read our privacy policy that can be applied both when access to the website or simply surfing in it using its services, without buying any product, or in case of access to and surfing using its services or buying its products.

 HAMMER ULTIMATE s.n.c., Via G. Falcone 1, 31038, Castagnole di Paese (TV), Treviso’s registered companies list, VAT registration number. IT04829270265 is the title owner to the use of personal data, collected via website.

HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C is directly involved in the selling process and transactions done on the online shop  HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C., for example orders managing, selling and delivery of products, managing of returns and guarantees and other activities necessary to the selling process via the online shop HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C..



Every client benefits of personal data’s protection. HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. respects the right of the website users (following “users”) to be informed about the collection and other operations about their personal data processing. In the personal data processing, that can directly or indirectly identify you as individual, we try to respect a straight necessity principle.

For this reason we decide to set up the website in a way that the usage of personal data could be reduce at minimum and excluding the data processing, when the pursed purpose in every single case can be reached by the use of anonymous data (as, for example, during statistical researches aimed to services’ improvement) or by the use of other modalities, that allow to identify the involved person only in case of necessity or on authority or police force demand (as for example data related to traffic or the duration of the website visit or to the IP address).

Decisions about purpose and modalities of your personal data processing and the tools used, the security profile included, are under the jurisdiction of HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. as title holder of data processing of Users under the law D.LGS 196/2003 Protection of personal data Code (following, “Privacy Code”).

This privacy policy provides every useful information to understand how we collect and use the information related to our Users.

For every other information about our Privacy Policy you can contact HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C., at the registered office’s address listed before or by sending email request to .




HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. is the title holder of User’s personal data processing under the art. 4 Lett. F and 28 of Privacy Code, in fact it decides about purpose and modalities of data processing and about tools to be used as concern the security profile.

Due to exclusively organising and functional necessities, we identified and nominated, under art. 29 of Privacy Code, Responsible person to the processing of personal data of Users, in charge to oversee to the process strictly connected and related to services on the Website, included the selling of products.

Every person in charge have been chose because its showed experience, ability and reliability to provide a suitable guarantee in full respect of norms about personal data processing in force, including the part about data security.

We periodically check that people in charge performed punctually their assigned tasks and they will continue to grant suitable guarantees in the full respect of disposition about protection of personal data.

To have the complete list of people in charge to process personal data, we kindly ask you to contact us to our addresses previously listed, or to send an email request to 



Furthermore HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. has individuate and assigned in writing, under the article 30 of the Privacy Code, the subjects in charge to User’s personal data processing in the administrative and sales. All those people in charge conduct the operations of data processing to them entrusted according instruction issued and under the surveillance of Supervisors.



Your personal data will be collected and processed by HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. only for purposes strictly connected to the Website usage, to its services and to the purchase of our products. Specifically, data could be processed for the following purposes:

a. Registration: during the registration to the website, we collect all your personal data (as for example email address, biographical data, and password) via the specific registration form to allow to be

registered on the Website and to provide all

access to restricted areas services;

b. Management of selling process: during the selling process we collect personal data (as for example biographical data, email address, postal address, credit card number and bank account data, telephone number) via the specific order form: all data in this way collected will be used to fulfil the contract commitment and to practice all the rights from it deriving, and also to fulfil all connected law duties /for example as regards the accounting and financial aspect);



c. Assistance: to provide the assistance services, even technical (customer service) we collect personal data (as for example the email address) just the one necessary to give our customers all the information related to the Website services and the purchasing of the products, and also to provide all information related to potential problems of web surfing, browser compatibility, displaying or loading of web pages, etc.


d. Direct marketing: if you provide us your email address and your specific consent we will process your personal data for forwarding of our Newsletter or other promotional or commercial communication.

Personal data are processed mainly on an electronic base and only in particular event on a paper format. Personal data will be stored in a way that allows your identification just for the period strictly necessary to the pursuit of above listed purposes and, in any case according to the law limits, later they will be destroyed.


Your consent is not necessary to the data processing for purposes listed in point A, B and C, as they are functional or strictly connected to the supplying of the services.

HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. process, on the other hand, your data on direct marketing purpose through the forwarding of newsletter or commercial communication, only with your specific consent.

The purpose for which your personal data will be processed will be in any case made public, on a-case-by case basis in the instructive test that HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. submits to the users in the webpage where is requested the provision of personal data.

On the matter of necessities of your consent to the data processing you can also read paragraph number 9 that follows.

It can happen that HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. might be involved in the processing of data of third parties directly communicated by our Users, for example in the case the user purchase a new item to send to a friend, namely when the subject that effectuated the payment of the item purchased is different from the subject which will be the final user, or in another case when the user want to advise another person a service or a product available in the website.

In all those cases we recommended you to obtain the approval from the third part to provide his data to HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. and to inform him about this Privacy Policy, because he will be the only one responsible about the communication of information and data related to third parties, without that they specifically requested and for their correct and not against the law usage.

In any case, HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. within the limits required by the regulation, will fulfil to the duty of the circular towards the user reported and where necessary, will require his directly and expressed consent, to the registration in our archives of personal data.



The provision of data via the compilation of the specific collection forms available on the website is optional. If data are not provided it could be the reason of the impossibility to access to specific services and obtain what eventually requested (for example proceed with the purchase of products, contacting the customer service, subscribe to newsletter, etc.).

The non-indication of requested data could represent, on a case base, a legitimate and valid cause to the non-performance of the purchase contract or the supplying of services through the Website.

We will inform you from time to time in a specific way about the binding or elective nature provision of personal data to HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. and we will utilize the symbol (*) to state binding data necessary to the supplying of services.

We also remind you that the missing provision of data stated as “elective” will not entail any consequences, save every different indication reported in the specific circular given in the data collection phase.


Data will not be communicated or diffused to third parts if not within the limits and under the condition explicitly indicated in the specific report and case-by case given to the User and, where necessary, prior his authorisation.

Especially data could be, for instance, communicated to (i) outer firms that, as autonomous title holder of data processing, provide ancillary services linked with services requested through the Website (e.g.: to the managing of commercial transactions connected to purchases data might be communicated to bank institutions), or to (ii) police forces or judicial authority, under the law and prior formal request by these subjects (e.g.: as a part of anti-fraud services).


Furthermore data could be brought to the attention of third companies, named by HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. as external responsible to data processing ex – art. 29 of Privacy Code, appointed of (a) packaging and shipment of purchased items, (b) management of informatics systems, (c) customer care activities management, (d) promotional activities management, (e) knowing your satisfaction level based on sold.

Personal data won’t be released to foreign countries outside of the European Union.




HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C directly collects personal data and other information from the Users, within the services and procedures supplied by the Website (e.g.: through the online registration or by sending the fulfilled purchase order’s form, etc.).

These data are processing under the limits and the purposes provided for in paragraph 3 and anyway spilled out in the information document provide to the User at the data collection moment.


We decide to embrace specific safety measures to minimize risks of destruction or loss of data, of non-authorised access or non-permitted process or non-compliant to data collection purposes indicated in our privacy Policy. Nevertheless HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. cannot provide an absolute guarantee to Users, that measures embraced to Website security and about data, and information, transmission can exclude every risks of non-authorised access or data loss.

We hence kindly suggest to Users, to be sure that on your own personal computer protection software, suitable to the protection of data transmission on the web, are installed (for example, update anti-virus software) and that you internet services supplier adopted safety measures sufficient to data transmission in the web (as for example firewall and anti-spam filters).


8. Cookie Policy

8.1       What are cookies and what kind of cookies are used by the website.

Cookies are little files containing information about your visit on the Website that can be store on pc or other devices enabled to web surfing, as for example smartphones or tablets.

Cookies can be divided in different categories and could have different purposes.

First of all we use cookies to simplify the usage of the Website, to better adapt its contents to your interests and needs and to help us to faster the future experiences and activities of the User on our website. Cookies facilitate and simplify the interaction between the User and the Website, allowing the Website to remember preferences and individual activities, permitting time savings and contributing to an easier and more efficient navigation. Cookies are indeed capable to memorise information (e.g.: language, number of visits, font dimension, etc.) and simplify the fulfilment of different types of services ( e.g.: User’s registration, cart’s contents, newsletter’s inscription, updates about products, etc.).

We also use cookies to examine the navigation data on the Website and to edit anonymous aggregate statistic that allow us to understand how User utilize our Website, and to optimise the structure, the contents and the services of it.

All these cookies can be released also by third subject to HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. and they can be finalizing to create User’s profiles to dispatching advertising messages, in line with User’s own preferences.

You will find those cookies listed as “third part cookies” for which is possible to deny the consent.

The website uses three different types of cookies:


A. Technical essential

Cookies apt to assure a correct and fluid operation of the Website: they consent the navigation among the pages, the sharing of contents, the storage of access credentials to make the entry to the Website more rapid and to keep preferences active during both navigation and purchase experience. Without these cookies we could not provide the services for which the User entry the Website. These cookies do not require the acquisition of a preventive and expressed consent as they are necessary to dispense the service provided by the website.


B. Statistical cookies.

Cookies apt to understand how the Users utilise the Website and in the online shop, to evaluate ad upgrade the operation and realise contents more and more suitable to our User’s preferences. For instance, these cookies allow knowing which the more and least popular pages, how many the Website visitors, how much time is spent in media by User’s on the Website and in which manner the visitor reach the Website. In so doing we can know which are the optimal operations and which are the one that can be improved and made the content to be uploaded more rapidly and displayed in the appropriate manner. All the information collected by this cookies are anonymous (that is they do not consent to trace back to an identifiable user) and not connected to personal data of the User. To perform these functions we rely on third part that make data anonymous and not attributable to individuals. These cookies do not require the acquisition of a preventive and expressed consent as they involve anonymous and non-identifiable data processing.


C. Third party profiling

Cookies dispensed by third party not directly controlled or controllable by HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. Therefore, the latter cannot guarantee on the matter of the usage that the third title orders will applicate to the collected information. Cookies released by third party allow offering advanced functions, and further information or personalised functions. This includes the possibility of sharing contents through social Medias and having a personalized Website experience based on the preferences expressed thanks to the pages visited before.

If you have an account or you utilise services of these third party on other websites, they could be capable to know if the User have been surfing on the Website. These cookies are mainly apt to create profiles related to Users to send advertising email coherent with the User navigation preferences and tastes.

The usage of data collected by third party through cookies undergoes to respective privacy policy, accessible by the links listed below. Third party profiling cookies are identified with the name of respective operator listed below; here you will find also the related tool to deactivate them. The usage of these cookies request the expressed and apprised consent of the User (cf. “Acknowledgement and waiver of cookies” paragraph).



9. Cookies management

You can easily modify cooking settings, that have been saved in the pc or on your mobile device, thanks to browser’s functions. By doing so it is also possible to prevent the installation of thir part cookies and to remove cookie installed before, preferences about bookies on our Website included.

To settle or modify the browser setup is necessary to consult the user manual or the help screen of the browser.

Instructions on cookies of the most known browser are available in the following link:

Chrome: hyperlink "" t "_blank"

Firefox:  HYPERLINK "" t "_blank"

Safari:  HYPERLINK "" t "_blank"

Internet Explorer:  HYPERLINK "" t "_blank"

Alternatively, to disable all or just determined cookies, the User could utilize tools specified as follows. Disabling the cookies, we use might therefore worsen the surfing experience, blocking an efficient access to determine parts of the website or customised information in a future visit.

We kindly remind to User to settle browsers of their devices in a wat that everyone of these will be adjusted to indicate their own preferences related to cookies.

It is possible to acquired detailed information about cookies functionalities and activation/deactivation in the more well-known browsers at HYPERLINK "" t

"_blank" o HYPERLINK ""

"_blank" o HYPERLIN

K "" t "_blank"


For the broader information and support as regards cookies subject in advertising field and to manage your own preferences is possible to visit

"" t "_blank"

Here following third party analytical and profiling cookies used by the Website, with a link to their respective “Privacy Policy”:


10. Cookies acceptance and waiver.

Keep on surfing the Website after displayed the circular, found in the Home Page banner and closing the same clicking on any part of the screen or perusing the Home Page to underline a different content; the HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. Privacy Policy and its consequent collecting and utilizing cookies collection is automatically accepted.

In the event of cookies’ non-reception due to the surfing leave, potential already locally registered cookies will remain registered but won’t be used until a possible subsequent reception of the hereby policy. You will always have the chance to remove in any moment all these cookies through the modes mentioned in the paragraph “Cookies management” or through the deactivation tools up here.



HAMMER UTLIMATE S.N.C. needs your free and expressed consent to send advertising messages.

Every time your consent will be necessary, we will previously inform you and we will give you the chance to grant or deny it to the utilisation of personal data to these purposes.

Furthermore we would like to inform the User that HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. will use your personal data also without the consent in cases  provided by the Privacy Policy, as, for example, when it is necessary to fulfil the law obligation, namely when it is necessary to execute to what contractually acquired (eg: purchase of products on the Website)-



Under the article 7 of Privacy Code the User have the right to obtain, by HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C., information about his data processing, as: 1) obtaining, with no delay, the confirmation about the existence of data related to is person […]; 2) obtaining: a- the indication of personal data origins’, of purposes and modes of processing data, reason of the effectuated process with specific electronic tools help, of the title holder, or people in charge defining details, of subjects and subject categories whom are the receivers, or can acknowledge, data, of the updated or the adjustment, or the integration of data;  b – the cancellation, or the permutation in an anonymous form, or the locking of data against a law violation; 3) opposing, whole or in part, to data processing that are related to him, expected to advertising or purchasing operation, or to market researches.

The User can freely and in every time employ his right via postmail to HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. at the address reported above o via email to



The website can contain links from other website that may not have any connection with neither with HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C., we provide these website’s links just to easier the information research during your surfing experience.

HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. does not control neither make monitoring operation of these websites and their contents. We could not be held accountable of contents and privacy rules adopted by these websites, even as regards the processing of personal data during the surfing operation.

We kindly please you to pay attention when you connect to these websites to carefully read their terms of uses and privacy policies.

The Privacy Policy of is not applicable to third party; HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. is not in any way responsible of privacy policy applied by these websites.





If the User require any other additional information on how HAMMER UTLIMATE S.N.C. process his personal data, we kindly ask you to write at the company’s legal addresses  or to send an email request to



This Privacy Policy is ruled by the Italian laws in particular under the Law decree 196/2003 Code - protection of personal data – that discipline the personal data processing -

even held overseas – effectuated by everyone settle in Italy or by means of tools situated in Italy.

The Privacy Code guarantee that the personal data processing will be conducted in full respect of fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as the dignity of the interested persons, especially the personal identity and the rights of personal data.



HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. can modify or simply update, whole or in part, the ‘s Privacy Policy considering the modification to law norms or to regulation in the personal data protection field. All modifications and updates of Privacy Policy will be notified to Users in the website’s Home Page as soon as implemented and will be binding as soon as published on the website.

Hence we kindly ask you to access regularly to this section to verify the more recent version of the Privacy Policy





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