Here follows the means of payment you can use!!


Our online shop accepts the payment with Credit Card or Bank Swift. You could choose the means of payment you prefer at the end of your purchasing experience.


Every payment will be effectuated in favour of HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C.

Neither in any case HAMMER ULTIMATE S.N.C. could accept cash payment nor with postal item.

Note: this online shop operates from Italy and every transaction is made in euro. If the payment is effectuated in another currency, the conversion will be based on the exchange rate of day purchasing day. No additional cost to conversion will be added.


Credit Card.

On the HAMMER ULTIMATE online store, you can pay in a complete secure way with Mastercard, Maestro, VISA, Pago Bancomat, UPI, V PAY JCB e American Express. 

The payment takes place directly on a secure server (SSL) to guarantee the complete security of the transaction. No one within HAMMER ULTIMATE online store or on the internet can access to your Credit Card data in any moment.

On your bank statement you will find a charge reporting the motive: HAMMER ULTIMATE E-COMMERCE.

The transaction is immediately authorised and charged on your credit card later, after the order processing.


Bank swift

The procedure to pay your order HAMMER ULTIMATE’s online store via bank swift is secure and easy:

In the website section dedicated to the payment select “bank swift” in the means of payment list.

Please click on the button “Pay”: your order will be registered immediately in our system and the page of confirmation with our bank details will appear;

You can do the cash transfer via bank swift in branch of your bank or by you online banking with the bank details found on the confirmation page.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to insert only the “payment reference number” in the motive and no other information and to provide the correct beneficiary name, HAMMER ULTIMANTE SNC. The absence of these references could cause worthless delays or not authorising our bank to receive the payment causing the impossibility of processing your order. As the bank could receive the payment within a delay of 10 days we cannot guarantee the probable sale of all stock during this period.

ATTENTION:  The articled are reserved to your order only at the reception of the payment.

All accessory bank costs related to the choice of a bank swift are charged to the customer. The missed payment of the same will cause the refusal of the payment and probable delays on the delivery.


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